Types of Motorsports

Types of Motorsports

Motorsports are sports that require the use of motor vehicles. Most involve races between competitors, but there are also other forms of competition such as trials, drift, or aerobatics where judges score competitors. In the case of the tractor pulling, it is a matter of going as far as possible.

Motorsports racing is a sport in which drivers at the wheel of cars compete in regulated races, in various forms and categories, on the circuit, on the road or the track.

Motor racing has many disciplines and events essential. The most prestigious of the categories on the circuit is undoubtedly the Formula 1, which runs in single seaters, but there are many other categories. Among the most famous are Nascar and IndyCar (with the legendary Indianapolis 500 miles) in the United States or the equally mythical 24 hours of Le Mans endurance race in France. On roads and tracks, there is the World Rally Championship (with the famous race of the Monte-Carlo automobile rally, created in 1911), but also Rally-raid races, the most famous of which is the Dakar Rally. Outside of gear designed exclusively for racing, there are various categories of passenger cars or grand touring.

Several international and national federations manage the numerous races which are divided into categories and formulas according to the type of car, the power and the type of engine, the field on which the race takes place and, in some cases, the people who participate (age, level, weight, sex). It is possible to do sports even for big fans of engines. Motorsports are sports with motor vehicles such as cars, quads, and motorcycles.

Motorsports are divided into three broad families:

Motorsports, which includes all sports using cars and motorized four-wheeled vehicles. The motorcycling competition that brings together all the motorsports with motorbikes. The quad belongs to this category. The aeronautical game brings together sports with airplanes and gliders.

Here is a small list of the different mechanical sports:

  • Autocross – is a sports car that emphasizes safety, low-cost competition, and active participation. It is a timed competition where drivers participate in shifts (one at a time) in a temporary layout in a parking lot or aerodrome, demarcated with traffic cones, rather than an Autodrome.
  • Karting – is a motorsport discipline that is practiced with karts on circuits called kartodromes, which are between 600 and 1700 meters long, and a width of between 8 and 15 meters. Given its characteristics, the kart is the most excellent form of training of drivers: it is usually the first car in which candidates for racing drivers debut, at ages as early as the age of five.
  • Rallycross – Rallycross is a discipline of motor racing that is contested in circuits with mixed surfaces, usually asphalt and land.
  • Aerobatic – The aerial stunt, also called the acrobatic flight, is the performance of maneuvers and pirouettes with an acrobatic plane.
  • NASCAR – NASCAR refers to the English acronym of the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (“National Association of Car Racing”) and, currently, represents the category automotive more commercial and famous in the United States, and the competition of stock cars (“cars” series) more important in the world. He is a member of the Automobile Competition Committee for the United States. It is considered the most critical category of American motor racing.
  • Motocross – Motocross is a form of an all-terrain competition held in closed circuits. Sport has evolved since the UK tests. Twenty-three motocrosses is a physically demanding sport that takes place in all kinds of conditions.
  • Stunt – Stunt is called “particularly skillful or daring feat.” The word, however, already is used primarily in terms of film recordings, in which the hot scenes, which are not supposed to be mutilated or are not affordable to the Stars, are done by Stuntmen or stuntmen.
  • Speedway – Speedway is a specialty of motorcycling that runs in ground ovals between 260 and 425 meters in length (Long track), which is run counterclockwise.
  • Supercross – The Supercross is the American evolution of motocross motorcycle racing. It is an extreme competition: circuits are built inside baseball arenas or football arenas. The name “supercross” comes from the name of the first competition of this kind organized in the United States, called the “Superbowl of Motocross.”
  • Snowmobiling – A snowmobile or snowmobiling is a ground vehicle powered by a single track wheel with skis on the sides for handling.

Health benefits

Although these sports are mechanical, the fact remains that the pilot exercises and improves his performance and reflexes. Indeed, a driver who practices motorsport has a much better reaction time and physical coordination than average. This is normal given the difficulty of the sport and the obstacles and courses that have to be overcome at the wheel of a vehicle. People who practice mechanical sports have an excellent vision.