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Popular Races

The most extreme motocross races in the world

Motocross fans, this article is for you. Air adrenaline offers you a selection of the most extreme motocross races in the world. The good news is that all these races are open to the public, the bad news is that they will make you all cry, tender souls abstain.

  1. The Erzberg Rodeo, Austria

Considered by many to be one of the three hardest motocross races in the world, the Erzbergrodeo is an endure with a course in Austria. The 2016 edition held on Sunday 29 May proved once again the toughness of this race: out of 500 participants, only 9 crossed the finish line.

  1. Sea to Sky, Turkey

The Sea to Sky is a race, as its name leaves it in mind, whose course starts at the level of the Turkish coast and ends in the mountains at more than 2300 meters of altitude. Spread over three days, the first event takes place on a beach, the second in the forest and the third in the mountains. Very physically demanding, this race requires complete training to be comfortable on these three different terrains.

  1. Ukupacha Race, Ecuador

The Ukupacha is one of the last born in the world of extreme enduro. Since 2010, the best drivers in the world have been competing against each other in a physically challenging race. It is more than a hundred kilometers through the jungle and the Ecuadorian mountains that await the participants. Finally, as the race takes place in October, the humidity can reach 90%.

  1. The roof of Africa, Lesotho

Located in the Kingdom of Lesotho just above South Africa, Roof of Africa is one of the longest final races. Its winding course of 450 kilometers, its extraordinary landscapes, and its mythical side make it one of the most appreciated races in the world by both amateur and experienced drivers. The heat and humidity cause many people to give up each year (less than 50% of the participants finish the race).

  1. Hell’s Gate, Italy

As you will have understood by his name, the Hell’s Gate race is a real hell. One of the greatest champions of the discipline, Graham Jarvis, described it as the toughest race of the season. It is almost impossible to finish without the help of the spectators or the technical team in charge of the safety of the participants. This race is not an amateur race.

  1. Mongolia Rally, Mongolia

The principle of the Mongol Rally is the same as the Paris-Dakar with one exception: no infrastructure is available to participants during the 16,000 kilometers of course. If you do not cross the finish line before the ten weeks, the plane will not wait for you.

Having at the same time a charitable aspect towards the Mongolian People (donations of materials and vehicles) the Mongolian Rally is above all the ultimate test of its mental, physical and piloting abilities. But before you take an interest in it (here), don’t forget that injuries and deaths have made the reputation of this rally unlike any other.