Eton Adjustable CDI

Eton has installed an adjustable speed control on the 2005 Viper models from the RXL-50M through the RXL-90R. This devise allow the vehicle speed to be increased in steps as the rider becomes more experienced.


The CDI is located under the seat.


The table below illustrates the factory setting, which is a combination of the setting on the CDI pod and the throttle stop bolt. It can also be used to set the desired speed limit for each model as the rider develops their skill level. Use a combination the CDI control pod and throttle stop bolt to set the desired for the customer.

Adjustable CDI

Adjustable Position Viper 50M Viper 70 Viper 90 Viper 90R Yukon
Factory Set Speed 10 mph 10 mph 15 mph 15 mph 35.6 mph
0 9.6 mph 13.2 mph 14.7 mph 14.3 mph NA
1 14.1 mph 18.6 mph 20.6 mph 19.5 mph NA
2 18.2 mph 21.2 mph 25 mph 24.6 mph NA
3 20 mph 23.4 mph 27.2 mph 27.2 mph NA
4 20.1 mph 26.5 mph 29.7 mph 27.8 mph NA